Saturday, January 29, 2011

Being an Aunt is wonderful!

Caleb had to come over to do some car work with Dad, and Elise being a total "Daddy's girl" came along!  

Walking hand-in-hand, swinging them round and round, showing them how to do things they've never done before, giving lots of kisses and getting lots in return, snuggling with them, chasing them, watching as they discover new things, answering a gazillion questions as to what things are...and why they are that way...and then when they get fussy or terribly naughty, why you send 'em right back to their mommy...*smile*

Yes, I love being an Aunt!

And my sister has got to be the "worlds best Aunt"...EVER!

And most of you will never have her to be an Aunt for your kids...but she'll be one for mine!!!  And yes, I do realize how luck I am:)

Completely adorable!


Julianne said...

Anna I completely agree (about being an aunt....I'm sure your sister is a great aunt, but unfortunately I am one of those who will never have the opportunity to experience her in action :) )!!

Your pictures are too cute as well. I just made homemade pizza with my nieces the other day and it was so much fun - def. an activity to be repeated.

I think you've hit the nail on the head in that an aunt has the best role - you never have to deal with discipline or the whiney are just there (usually) to be the "fun" one!

Grace said...

"...and then when they get fussy or terribly naughty, why you send 'em right back to their mommy..." Hmmm...I notice you didn't mention the hand slap she received from you after disobeying you that same! ;)
But yes, she IS a bundle of cuteness...especially when she gives me hugs and calls me "Dace". ;) ADORABLE!