Monday, March 28, 2011

Thinking warm thoughts!

With all this cold weather and snow it's made me think of a wonderful place that I visited not very long ago...

FLORIDA-- and it's wonderful orange groves!!

flip-flops. short sleeves. citrus. warmth. bliss.

Nothing tastes quite the same as pulling an orange from the tree, tearing it open and immersing your taste buds in the sweetest, juiciest orange you've ever tasted!

We headed down to the lake to see if we could spot a gator...but my hopes were dashed...I guess I'll just have to go back again some other time:)

The grove is also the perfect spot for spending time with friends! While enjoying the sunshine my brother and Sam picked up a couple oranges and kept us entertained with their juggling skills...
What a pleasant afternoon!


Mikala said...

GREAT pictures, Anna! Enjoyed them!


Emily Skogen said...

You make me a little jealous of warm weather :P

Talitha said...

Pure bliss, for sure! I can't wait to pull out my flipflops! It sure sounds like you had a warm and wonderful time in Florida with the Wissmanns. I'll admit I'm a *little* jealous, too. ;)

Anonymous said...

AHHHHH......Anna first cheesecake and now constantly tempt me with things that aren't at my disposal!!:-D Could you try posting about something I could enjoy for once?!:-D LOL Alas I too have found myself thinking about my incredible trip to Flordia and it's warm weather, and sunny skys on these cold, dreary spring days....hang in there girlfriend....spring will come....EVENTUALLY!;-)

Love Ya Bunches!