Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A visit long overdue!

It seems like I've seen this picture before...same terra-cotta silk, familiar Bernina sewing machine, same color shirt just keeps changing color *smile*  

But this time I wasn't in the same place!! (I was far away from my little sewing room at home.) This picture was taken in Virginia in the warm, cozy home of my brother and sister!  Bethany was a bridesmaid and let me say that it is practically impossible to make a dress for your sister without having her in the same room. (well, maybe not, but it worked as a pretty good excuse this time)

 I was going to be there for the whole weekend but we decided to get out 'work' done first. So Friday morning we used every bit of 2 hours for our 'work' and then...DONE! What relief, God was so good and everything went perfectly...I should do a whole post on these dresses! God proved Himself over and over again!!! He is SO faithful!
Note: When designing dresses it helps to have gorgeous (or snazzy *wink*) models to work with. They make your work look good!

Our reward; it was so worth it!

So with our work behind us we set out for some fun and adventure! 

First stop was RiteAid where Bethany worked some of her magic and we walked out of the store with 2 bags of Oreo's -- FREE! YUM! I am convinced that all she has to do is walk up, set her stuff on the counter, smile at the cashier, and then take her stuff away (oh, and she hands them a bunch of coupons; minor detail)

Our next stop was the thrift store in which we found all sorts of fun books and she got the. cutest. pair of shoes. ever.

I can't remember the name of this little shop...but it was so fun! We spent quite a while going through and admiring all the fun things. These scarves just had me captivated! I came around the corner and there was a hallway with two bars just full of bright scarves, no two alike, it was so pretty (Betsy, I totally thought of you)

The day passed by way to fast!  But it was so much fun to just talk, shop, laugh, smile, giggle, share stories and just be together! 

Bethany, thank you! Love you way too much! :)

And this post is proof again how wonderful it is when your brother marries an amazing girl! *smile*


Julia said...

What a fun day- AND a great deal on oreos! How could it get better than that? :)

Anonymous said...

How FUN!

I cannot WAIt for 3 more sisters!!! (I've only got 3 brothers!) But... I also look forward to more BROTHERS!! :D


Talitha said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day together! Haha, I love the Oreo cookies deal! Lol. Coupons are always nice. ;)

Bethany said...

Anna! Thank YOU so much for coming to visit us!! We had such a wonderful weekend; you are welcome to visit anytime! Only -- I really think you should stay longer next time. ;)

Love you, Anna-girl!!

Betsy said...

Thank you for the thought friend!