Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy...for like ever.

Hello little blogging world! I know my posts have not been super frequent, but sometimes I'm too busy keeping up on enjoying life to stop over to share some of it with you. BUT if you were at my house on May 8th here is what you'd have seen...

White pennents hung from our tall ceilings. Balloons in the colors of white, blue, apricot and yellow floated in the air. A pennent banner stating "happy for like ever" livened up the plain white wall. Excitement permeated the room. 

...a pretty jar of pre-measured ribbons would have attracted your eye with their vibrant colors. Guessing the length would prove to be challenging to most of the guests...

...but this lovely lady showed the crowd that she'd spent many a day in the craft room. The correct length was 1,083. Amanda guessed 1,027. 
{three cheers for Amanda...the average guess was aroud 500}

...a wide-spread aray of yummy and delicious fruits and sweets lined the table. Cheesecake squares, brownie/strawberry trifle, fruit trifle, sugar cookies, brownie bites, lemon bars, oranges, pineapples and every kind of berry... 

...He Says...She Says {aka. how well do you think you know Joe and Rachel} turned out to be a pretty fun game. The challenge was to guess who said which 'quote' and circle the appropriate silhouette.

Here's a sample of some of the quotes;
{the bolded he/she reveals the speaker}
"I think he/she would be pretty easy to live with." 
"He/she looks so cute on the court."
"One of the first things that really impressed me was in New Testament class.
We had to do posts online and his/her knowlege of the Bible really impressed me.
I loved reading his posts."
"Her/his competetive nature is very appealing."
"My favorite date was when he/she took me to to Central Park and grilled out in the rain."
"He/she hates chocolate." would have had a choice between three different drinks. Very Berry, Lemon Lime or Grapefruit.  {I think Grapefruit was the favorite}

...A gorgeous blond with the bride-to-be glow, by the name of Rachel Schnell, was the special girl of the night...

 ...Rows and rows of amazing supportive friends lined the floor.

...random drawings would decide who got to share a "helpful tip" or "pick-a-prize". When we finally opened up the floor for marriage advice the ladies were quick to jump in. I think a best-seller could have been written with all the wonderful marriage hints that were given. 

A sample of some of the tips;
"Marriage defined is...two sinners living together trying to teach younger sinners not to sin." -Amanda
"I will forgive you/will you forgive me are the most important words." -Abi
"Always give your husband the best. Don't let your helpfulness/busyness to others take away from giving him 100%." -Marge
"Feed him well." -Leah
"Your husband is vastly {at least most likely is} different than your dad. Keep that in mind."-Dianne
 "Have fun. There are times to be serious, yes, but learn to'll get you through a lot."-Amanda
"Years down the road...remember the little things that made you fall in love with him." - ?!? 

...a sizeable table boasted presents large and small. People are so generous.

...did I mention yummy food.

Don't ya wish you could have come?!? 
{And in case you're still wondering Rachel S. is going to be my new a very short amount of time. Like June 23rd to be exact. And I get to be a bridesmaid...yes, that was beside the point...but way too exciting not to mention.}

{photo credits; Anna Rehm}

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Bethany said...

YES!!! I wish I could have come! Looks like it was such a wonderful party. Thank you for sharing pictures -- I'm so excited about coming back to NE to celebrate their wedding with you! :)