Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jimmy John's anyone?

Jimmy John's is the newly discovered favorite resturant, at least for Rachel and I. So when we were found with an hour and 1/2 of time to burn with a Jimmy John's in walking distance...it didn't take very long for us to make up our minds!

Josh had come to church with us that morning and had the afternoon free and wanted to do something, so we decided to grab a couple friends (that were still at church) take a quick trip to Cabela's and than out to a movie! Michal and Emily Hipps had stuck around so they joined the party. The selected movie didn't start for another 2 hours so Josh decided to run some errands and meet us back at the theatre. Much to our dismay he never did make it back to the theatre! (...he missed a good one). And the rest of us decided to wait it out at the near Jimmy John's! It was delicious just as we expected, and they even let us take home the leftover bread...which was sort of an inconvenience, right Rachel?

What crazy people!

Aaron and Rachel came too...providing me with a much needed ride home: )


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had fun Anna! I'm glad you got to do that! Although it is to bad that Josh wasn't able to make it! Jimmy Johns....hmmm...I'll have to try it sometime with you!!! Our Aunt said it wasn't that good! Looking foward to seeing you tomorrow!

Love Ya Lots!

Rachel said...

Hey Anna! That looks like fun! You'll have to take me sometime!! tee hee! ;)

Love ya!