Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Long overdue....

Bekah Rehm and I have been friends for...well, pretty much our whole lives! When we were little we would get together many times a week, and our families often did lots of things together. But when they moved out of Omaha and into the Iowa countryside, the visits became much more few and far between! But to fix that we decided that, for our birthdays we would take each other out for lunch, and then finish off the afternoon with some thrift shopping. Bekah's birthday was in January and we were able to schedule our little "get-together" the same month!

I have always wanted to know what my hair would look like straightened and then curled so Bekah volunteered and quickly the deed was done. Then, grabbing Esther to be our photographer we headed out to take some pictures.

The food and conversation at Applebee's was wonderful!
Happy Birthday Bekah!!!

I can't wait till it's my turn: )


ash said...

Looks like you had a great time Anna!! Great pictures of two pretty great young ladies!! :)

ash said...

And Happy (late) Birthday Bekah!!

bekah said...

AWWWWWW.... Thanks SO..... much for posting these Anna! I love them, and it was a wonderful time that we had! They all turned out so nice, and I really love your hair that way! Thanks for the wonderful time! I'm looking forward to your birthday too! With all that's happened lately I really treasure that special time we got to have together! Thanks again...I always look forward to it, and I am never disappointed! You picked all my favorite pictures to! I really have to get a copy of those sometime! Love...Miss...and am praying for you!

Love Ya LOTS!

P.S. Thanks again! It was a wonderful time! July is to far away!=)

elizabeth said...

What a fun time!! And you girls look totally darling in your matching sweaters!! That is a great color for both of you!!
Thanks for posting the pictures!! :)

Josiah and Abi Wissmann said...

Oh! What gorgeous young women you are! Your hair...sweaters...smiles
...I love it! :) Thanks for posting!