Wednesday, April 8, 2009

An interesting move...

When moving Josh out of his apartment I was in charge of packing up the kitchen....what a special, but hard time!  Going through each 
drawer, and packing each item was a stretch for me as I realized that Alaina would never again measure out flour, or pour a glass of water.  As I looked at her treasured Starbucks Coffee mugs tears threatened to flow...but once again I was comforted by the fact that my Comforter was there with me, holding me in His strong arms, and reminded of the special friends that were praying specifically for me during this task.

Some of you may be wondering "why" Josh is moving or "where" he is going: )  He is planning (Lord willing) on attending Grace University this fall to get his bachelors degree in Aviation and as well as playing basketball with Joe.  One of Joe's buddy's parents from basketball owns a house a walkable distance away from Grace, and Josh is planning on renting there with him.

We had quite the experience getting to the house from Lincoln!  First we lost the tailgate off the end of the trailer (strange signals from a driver passing us let know that something was wrong) so we had to go all the way back, and retrace our steps to try to find it (which we never did).  But when we finally did arrive at the house we were excited to get everything unloaded... but another obstacle lay in our way.  John, the one who owns the house, was supposed to leave a key somewhere but, "mysteriously" disappeared so we were stuck, with a trailer and van full of stuff waiting outside a locked house: ) We did manage to finally get a hold of John and somehow got the key and proceeded with the process of unloading....

Finally done....*smile*

Packing wedding memories away....

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Rachel said...

Anna -- what a sweet post. I love the pictures. My favorite is ya'll on the front porch. :)

What a beautiful answer to prayer that you felt the arms of the Almighty upholding you during this difficult task. May HE continue to shower His love and healing in the coming weeks and months. Alaina was a precious gift that will remain in our hearts!!

Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Lol that was a fun lil trip yeah im surprised I got back in time for my class. Nice pics! Love you lil sis!