Monday, April 6, 2009

"Junior" Pictures

I was at Wissmann's, Bethany was there with her camera...who could resist taking some cute pictures?!?!?  Since Dad decided to have me wait a year these are my Junior pictures instead of Senior pictures...*smile*

My favorite....I think: )

Love you Bethany!!!!

Which one is your favorite?


Ashley said...

Cute pictures Pippi!! Bethany did a great job and of course the subject is just as pretty as always. :) They turned out really nice!

Dan "the man" Beasley said...

very pretty sis! They turned out wonderful. I'm kinda partial to the last one : ) but mostly because of a certain brown-eyed individual. My favorite of you is the third one...I think. But you know, when you're cute you're cute, so naturally they're all pretty cute.

Les said... adoreable! You always look so cute Anna! I think my favorite is the third one. That color blue is absolutely perfect for you! It really makes your eyes sparkle.:)

Anonymous said...

Nices pics I think I like the black and white one just below your favorite one. But they all are very nice!
Nice ear rings to btw!