Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The smiles just got bigger!!!

Would you look at those smiles!!!! 

We are very excited for Dan and Bethany as they begin their 
new relationship with each other!

Bethany Wissmann has always stood out to me as a girl who loved God, and tried to glorify Him in everything that she does!  Spending time with her has only reinforced those first thoughts!  The past few years, especially when he moved out to Virginia, I have always teased
 Dan that the girl he picked I would have to approve of.  Well...once again, he has exceeded my expectations *smile*  Love you Dan!!

Looking forward to spending lots of fun times with you Bethany!  Love you girl!!!


Les said...

How exciting for you all! They both look so happy!! I'm so excited for you!:)

Ruth said...

It is so exciting! God does do incredibly great things!

Josiah and Abi Wissmann said...

Oh! So exciting! We serve such an awesome GOD!!

Bethany said...

So glad I meet your approval, Anna!! ;) I've so enjoyed the time I've been able to spend with you -- and look forward to many more great times!!! Love you too, Anna!! *hug*

Anonymous said...

Fun Fun!!!! Congratulations to both of you Dan, and Bethany, and to you Anna! What a joy to see Dan, and Bethany growing closer to one another, and to look forward to fun times spent with Bethany, and a fabulous new additon to the family! God is SO... good! I'm so... happy for everyone who is touched by this amazing, and fabulous turn of events! May the Lord lead, and guide, and do great things through Dan, and Bethany!

Love Ya Anna!

Anonymous said...

Wow Anna your up to 6 comments... your gonna be getting just as many as Bethany before long. ;o) Acctually this post being about my sister I thought I better at least acknowlage it.

Stay away from those volley balls... they can be dangerous ;o)

Ashley said...

They look so happy together! :) How exciting.

Anonymous said...

Ohh....Anna...I LOVE the new pic you put on! It's so... cute!! The special effects you put on are darling! Just had to comment on that!

Love Ya Sis!

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