Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tools in His hands

An Iranian believer spoke passionately to a secret group of christians. He had been arrested several times and was under the watch of the police. The bruises on his body proved how he had been treated. This didn't stop him from sharing with others about his God. He urged them to grow closer to Jesus, no matter what the risk.
A foreigner believer had attended the secret meeting and was amazed at this man.

"How can you," he asked, "keep such a spirit of hope and cheerfulness in the midst of these troubles?"

"These trials are just 'tools' in God's hands," said the Iranian believer. "Who am I to criticize the tools that God uses to make me more holy?"

"Consider it pure joy my brothers when you face trials of many kinds..."
James 1:2

-Excerpt from Extreme Devotion


Anonymous said...

Anna this is so good!

I have been learning about this recently and I don't think many people really, really realize what it means!!
All things are meant to draw us to Himself, and He will do anything to keep His children close!

Thank you!


Charity U said...

Wow, that's really powerful. Thank you for posting it, Anna!

Anonymous said...

Great Post Anna! This is one thing I often forget, Yet it is so important. Thanks for Posting