Monday, July 11, 2011

DC with Grace

While I was out in VA, Grace Waldo decided to come out and visit! It was so much fun. She had never been to Virginia before or to D.C. for that matter. Here are a bunch of pictures from our adventure!

[Grace, thanks so much for coming out!]

I just loved these pop bottles:) 

The White House

Someday I look forward to visiting my brother here! And being able to take my picture INSIDE the fence:)

Mr. and Mrs. Adorable

Mrs. Obama's garden

 A special event was going on and they had valet parking and were personally escorted to the door...*wishful smile*

Mr. and Mrs. Amazing

The Metro

Yeah, talk about yum!!

No one has truly experienced life until they've tasted Pinkberry:)

 We were so tired that when Grace said to pose and smile this is all we could muster!

The Good Life

We walked our feet sore, talked, laughed, walked, had a picnic, smiled for the camera, walked, and simply enjoyed spending time together!


Anonymous said...

Love this post, Anna!! Thanks for sharing. :)

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

Sounds like you had SUCH a fun time together! Spending time with sisters in Christ is so wonderful, isn't it?! That Pinkberry ice cream looks too yummy! =) And I love the picture of Dan & Bethany by the pillars. Blessings & thanks for sharing, Anna!

With Joy in Christ,