Friday, July 22, 2011

A putt-putt birthday

I love surprises. I love spontaneity. And I love doing fun things at the random drop of a hat. 
(but if you you've read my blog at all you've probably gathered that already *smile) 
And so I was pleasantly surprised when Phillip, on my birthday, came into my room and said he wanted to take me Putt-putt golfing!

Now you have to understand that this little place in Omaha holds great memories for us all. And it goes way back. When my dad was little he used to go there with his brother and play mini-golf all. day. long. So yes, Dad is really good at this 'sport' and beats all of us every time:)

But this time our father wasn't with us and so the competition was a little more even. We split into 2 teams...and this was my team pictured below. And let it be said right now that, on the first round, I beat Phillip! Ha! Yes, he is my little brother, but he is always beating me. Not that everything in life becomes a competition...not at all;) It's just that in order for him not to start feeling bad, him being a guy and all, sometimes I have to 'let' him win. But don't tell him I said that...not sure that would go over very well. And most likely he would try to share his side of the story...let's just keep this between you and promote sibling peace.

Anyway, we had a blast out there putting those little golf balls around. Joe, Esther and John were on a team, and my sister showed some pretty good talent. 
[Esther, maybe you should consider this as a career instead...]

Yes, my brother has an iPhone. No, this is not mine. Yes, I want one. Yes, they are amazing. No, this is not going to turn into a post about how cool the iPhone is. Yes, they are truly cool though.

But I just had to post this picture to prove the 698th reason that I need an iPhone. 

[Thank you, Phillip for the wonderful birthday treat!]


Kori said...

wait, wait, wait... is his phone keeping SCORE!?! Whoa! iphone's rule the world... Coolest, most amazing phone EVER. :)

Laura said...


I hate to burst your bubble, but iPhones actually don't really have an amazing system. If you want a "WOW!" phone, go for the Android powered smartphones. The kick the pants off of iphones!

ps. I have an android. Best. Phone. Evar.