Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happiness... knowing that only a couple days separate you from seeing a dear friend again!

When I first headed out to VA to live with Dan and Bethany (yes, I still have pictures that I need to post, and stories to tell;) I didn't know anyone, but them. My friends back here assured me that I would make new friends...but if I'd have known exactly who I would meet...I wouldn't have been worried at all.

All the people who work for HSLDA are amazing. Kind, sweet, encouraging and very welcoming. And it just so happened that I got to work with a girl just a little bit older then me, Kristina is her name, and we hit it off very well. We shared a lot of common ground and so it didn't take long before we were giggling and laughing together like old friends:)

We only got to work together twice a week, so those days were packed with conversation. It was a blessing to meet a girl with such a sweet heart of commitment to the Lord.

Katy, her older sister, made me feel right at home, and she reminded me a lot of my friends back home too--she started teasing right from the get go. And in her defense I will say this, it wasn't just a one-way battle either *smile* "you dish it, you take it". And believe me, she had to take a lot...

While I was out there Dan and Bethany had to leave for a couple conferences out of state. So I had the whole weekend to myself...a somewhat daunting thought for someone who really doesn't like to be completely alone for the weekend.

Kristina came to my rescue and invited me to spend the weekend with them...the only catch was that I would have to tolerate her brothers (she had 4 of them younger than herself). What they didn't know was it was a little more the other way around...

Growing up with lots of brothers on either side of me had conditioned me well for these little nippers. They didn't waste time on formalities or the whole "be super nice to your guest" kind of thing...which was really a breath of fresh air:) I was really missing my little brothers and they stepped up to the plate and filled in quite well. And yes, I  miss them. They made me laugh. :)

The whole family was wonderful and Mrs. and Katy are amazing seamstresses, we could have talked sewing for hours--no joke!

And the exciting news? Kristina and Katy are coming to visit me!!! Yes! They are coming to Nebraska next week. I'm excited. Super excited. 


Anonymous said...

I was just wondering (and if this sounds mean, please don't be offended, as I really do not want to sound that way AT ALL!), are you tall? It just sort of seems as though you're always taller than people, and I was just curious to know if either you are tall, or if the you are acquainted with an abundance of short people? I am tall, for a girl...taller than most women in my family. It's awkward to wear heels, too, because I can almost look my dad in the eye! Haha, have a good day...and, love the pictures! Such joyful smiles!

Anna B. said...

Anonymous-- nope, I don't mind at all. Normally I don't get people asking if I'm tall, they feel the need to tell if I don't already know. *smile* So in answer to your question, yes, I am tall if you think that a little over 5' 11" is tall.

But you have me curious, could you reveal your true identity? Or will you forever remain anonymous?

Anonymous said...
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