Thursday, August 18, 2011


...I love it!

While out in VA we got to play a lot of it. We would eat a quick lunch at our desk and then hurry out to play volleyball for an hour or so over the lunch break.

The games were good, competitive and usually well matched. Sand volleyball was the choice when the weather was favorable, although the inside gym was the popular vote for those not inclined to get too much sun.

For some reason, the girl behind the camera that day really liked this guy...but being his wife she can get away with being biased:)

The whole group of us. Yes, I miss them too!

And a couple times during my stay we got together with these crazy people to play some 2-on-2. The sand court was a little big, so we stepped off smaller lines and tried our best. Finally we just resorted to practicing whatever we felt like. Whether it was spiking, setting, over-hand serve, rolling in the sand, bumping or just getting in a kick of giggles, we always had a blast!

Occasionally we played if you don't know what that is...well it can be crazy. It is played in the racquetball court with a very bouncy rubber volleyball. The walls can be used to your advantage if you so wish. The court is quite small which makes it nice for a smaller group of people, but it gets crowed very easily.

Both ways are fun, but if you ask me, a good competitive game of indoor volleyball is tough to beat!

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Bethany said...

Great times, good memories.

Come back so we can do it all over again. :)