Monday, August 1, 2011

Crazy idea!

"It's summer! It's hot! Life is too short to let it be boring! And hair always grows back...right?" These were my thoughts as I walked through the mall with my friend, Grace, contemplating a haircut. Actually these were the comments that my friend kept making as she tried to convince me. 

Hey, I'm all for being exciting! It is summer, the time to do some crazy fun things. It is hot, and a short cut would feel nice after having long hair for pretty much my whole life. I'm all for telling people to have a bite for life, do something spontaneous, have some good healthy fun...but chop my hair off? Ha. I'd thought about it for a couple weeks...but wasn't quite ready to hear Grace, as we walked past the beauty salon, say "why don't we do it today?" And as I began to launch into excuse mode she then pelted me with what I always say when someone isn't being brave enough. I tried to tell her that convincing someone to take the challenge, live in the moment (like getting someone to water ski, or go faster on the tube, or ride behind me on the jet ski...yeah, so you can tell that it's summer and water activities rank hi on my "fun" list right now) was WAY different then getting my hair cut.

Excitement is one thing. You can carry it too far...maybe? I mean hair? What if I looked AWFUL...I'd be scary ugly for the rest of my life. Well...ok, so hair does grow...but what about the 8 months that it takes to grow back? What if I get a hair problem and it never grow back?!? 

BUT she kept talking, and I kept listening...

And this is where I ended up.

In the chair. Pretty much freaking out that in 15 min. 10 inches of my hair would be...GONE!

 Let me add that my hair generally doesn't frizz this much or look so puffy, but the hair lady brushed it like I was a dog...I  suddenly felt a pang of sorrow for dogs...but don't worry, it was short-lived.

I've always wondered what I would look like with short hair...I don't wonder anymore. It is now reality. It stares me in the face every morning. 

BUT contrary to the vibe you might be getting so far let me clear one thing up; I am glad I did it.

It's fun to try a new look. It's fun to have short hair in the middle of this hot summer. And it's fun to do something spontaneous with your friend. And I'm glad she made me eat my own words and practice what I preach. Because as is true with many things in isn't about talking the talk, but rather, walking the walk.

And it caused me to ask myself the question; "does my lives line up with what I believe?" "Is my life full of a bunch of flowery speeches and that's it? If someone were just to observe my life what would they see?"

I talk about a big God. I talk about how wonderful He is, how incredible and amazing. But if someone were to look at my life would they be able to see that these things are true without me saying a single word? 

Good question.

What about you?

"My little children, 
let us not love in word or in tongue, 
but in deed and in truth." 1 John 3:18


Anonymous said...

I knew you'd be happy with the cut...else I would never have convinced you to do it! ;)

-the 'friend' mentioned in above story. :)

Charity U said...

Love it! It was the right choice. :)

Anonymous said...

super cute!!

Anonymous said...

ok, now that looks great

Anonymous said...

excellent object lesson and very enjoyable post :)

BUT please! I want a REAL picture of you with the short hair! not just a "wet look" one :D

Anonymous said...

Dear Sister-in-Christ, I have observed your walk and found you to be genuine!