Thursday, October 6, 2011

Caleb and Abby

Happy Anniversary!

 Wow, has it really been four years since that beautiful day? The way you honored God in your relationship, and the way you continue to let Him guide you in your marriage, is such a testimony to me and countless others!

Your home is a haven and a wonderful place to be.

God is the center of your relationship.

Thank you for loving Him first.

Some of you have been asking for an update of my family...and what better place to start then with my oldest brother, Caleb.
Caleb is 26 now and married to that gorgeous lady in the picture above. He just finished getting his masters degree and works locally providing for his growing family!

Abby, his wife, has a small flower arranging business. She does beautiful work! I love it. I also love how she has decorated her cozy home, keeps my brother well fed all while raising the most well-behaved children. Amazing mom.

Elise Ana is the oldest in the young Beasley family. She is an adorable, talkative 3 year-old that never fails to make me laugh and smile!

Yelena Joy is the next little blessing to come along. She will turn 2 here in a month and what a wonder and blessing she is. Her little smile will melt even the stoniest heart!

Edmund Nathaneal is the first nephew/grandson to come flying into this world (quite literally). And you should just see the pride that flashes across my brother face when he show this little handsome dude off. Turning 1 in a couple of months is sure to bring lots more "firsts" for this little man.

And last but not February I'll be an Aunt again, and a new little bundle will enter this world.

Family. One of life's wonderful blessings!

"The LORD is God, 
and He has made His light shine upon us...
You are my God, 
and I will give you thanks..."
Psalm 118:27-28


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What a lovely post!
You surely ARE blessed to be aunt to those darling children!
Thank you for sharing!

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