Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Musings

I'm just sitting here, thinking. Do you ever do that? Just sit and think about whatever comes to mind, and that thought leads to a different thought and so is rather engaging.

Have you ever noticed that your attitude makes a difference on what you think about? If you tend to come at things with a positive angle the result is much more pleasant. For instance, if I'm thinking about my family it's easy to think of all the things I wish were true, or that I wish we could be, or the things I want to change. How much more rewarding is it if instead I think about the little things that my family does that make me smile, the fun memories we have, the strong points, how God is going to work in the future...etc. How happy life is if we'll only take the time to notice!

Monkey's are the highlight of a zoo trip.

I just said goodbye to a nice "slower-paced" week...but I've got a feeling that I'm saying hello to a busy one. We've got lots lined up for this week. Last week was good. But this's gonna' be better! I just know it! My goals?

Music. Family. Prayer.

(not necessarily in that order) But the choir-director-person-lady just gave me a load of stuff to work on for piano. My guitar has been pathetically forgotten lately. And my violin...what is a violin? Oh yeah, it's an amazing stringed instrument that sounds incredible...if you practice. If you don't, it sounds like the music to your worst nightmare...kinda.

Sometimes things make me wonder... 

...Like why in the world people find it necessary to write choir pieces that change keys. Perpetuately. And they're not content to use nice keys like D or Eb, but they feel compelled to write half the music with 5 flats, and the other half with 3 sharps...ah well, such is life.

...Like how in the world a certain brother of mine can make me laugh, right when I feel liking punching him. It is highly inconvenient. Actually, I should be grateful...

...Like how a dog always knows when you're having a bad day, or that you're sad, or that you just got hurt. And they think that coming up to you and laying their head in your lap is going to make it all better.

"For You created my inmost being;
You knit me together in my mother's womb.
I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Your works are wonderful,
I know that full well."
Psalm 139:13-14


Elliot said...

LOL. For what it's worth, here are a couple reasons why some of my classmates would write a song in Gb or C#.

1. The choir's range partially determines they key. So, e.g., when you've already got your basses down to a low E, it's not really feasible to lower the key by even a half step even if you really want to. You'd probably lose 1/2 of your basses if you did. The same thing goes for the upper end of your singers' registers (though to a lesser extent, because when a song goes above your choir's range, they tend to start screeching rather than stop singing). So in some cases, it's extremely hard to change the key of a piece without completely rewriting it.

2. When you modulate (if you modulate), there are only certain keys you can modulate to because of the intervening harmonic progressions.

3. Some keys are harder to sightread but easier to play in. Gb, e.g., has really nice thumb crossovers.

4. Different keys have different tonal colors. E major, e.g., has a really special, wonderful, rich brilliance. B major is just as colorful as E major but slightly "sharper" and not as majestic. G major is bright and sort of shallow. C major is grander than G major but also sort of plain. On some instruments, you can hardly hear the difference, but on other instruments, it is somewhat noticeable. I can't hear the difference really well myself, but my brother usually picks up pretty well on it.

Have fun with your practice! You know what a violinist and a lawsuit have in common? Everyone celebrates when the case is closed.

Jessica M said...

I love this post for many reasons! Most of all I appreciate your thoughts about your there's things you wish you could change or things that you wish could be different but you choose to dwell on the good things your family brings. No family is perfect even when they seem like they might be on the outside looking in. What matters is how you look at your family. Are you looking at your family from a positive perspective or not? Thanks for sharing your thoughts on that, Anna!

Anonymous said...

Interesting post....wondering if you could update us on your family a bit and what everyone is up too.

I follow Caleb and Abby's blog, which is rarely updated. How about an update about them and their new baby coming next spring ?


Anonymous said...

Update! (puleeaaaseee???)

Marjo.....B. said...

BTW, is your paternal grandmother's name Virginia?
I was at a church recently and saw a picture with the name and wondered....Please tell me for my curiositie's sake!