Thursday, September 1, 2011

Softball and makeup

Kristina was here for a week. And we packed that week full. She flew in on Tuesday and we got things started right by heading to the baseball field to watch the boys play in the Father/Son softball game. It turned out that they didn't have enough guys that night so they started recruiting...and I found myself up to bat, wearing a light tan and not very full skirt. It was so much fun!!

We got our energy out that night because the next day found us on a girls lunch date with a friend.

Cheesecake Factory--WIN!

Bekah needed a couple things from the mall so we headed to the new Bare Minerals store. I am a big fan of Bare Minerals makeup and was thrilled to hear that a real store had finally come to Omaha.

The colors were gorgeous! And the selection was enormous!

And the ladies are so sweet and kind, and willing to answer any and all questions regarding their product!

Kristina and I both got an eye make-over and learned a few new tips.

That was our "girly" fling for the week:) And of course it was such fun. 

Those first 24 hours really described our week...flip-flopping from one activity to the next.


Charity U said...

Sounds like fun!

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

Sounds like lots of fun! Spending time with sisters in Christ is such a blessing. =) And cheesecake factory? Yum. =) Thanks for sharing, Anna!!

With Joy in Christ,

Ellie said...

Ok, that does it...I am going to get a flight to Omaha, get hugs from my family and friends, go get new make-up...and come back.