Monday, September 12, 2011

A new week

Ok, so I'm getting tired of coming up with titles for my weekly if they seem redundant and as if I don't have any more creative juices in that's true. :) Just puttin' that out there.

And yes, I realize that I missed this last week. And that's what happened, I just plain missed it. I thought about it several times, but this past week was crazy and so my ONE goal would have been; 

Smile and Survive.

And I accomplished that. Well the survive part that is, you'd have to ask my family and friends about the first one. (ok, so that was two, but just think of them as one) And I survived quite well, because here I am about to assign myself a couple more goals for this week. Why am I doing this again? Oh, yeah, discipline. Why can't I just write those words on a note, stick that note under my pillow at night and, wah-lah, a very disciplined Anna wakes up in the morning? Because things don't happen that way, and I'm glad they don't. Think about all the amazing lessons that I would have missed out on if I could teach myself with the note-under-the-pillow-method. 

ANYWAY, if I wouldn't keep getting sidetracked we could get something done around here. Ya know that kind of the story of my life. Getting side-tracked that is. Whenever I start to do something a thousand other little things come storming in...and I get distracted. So maybe my goal for this week should be to stay focused...but how boring would that be:) And I want to make goals that I will be able to actually accomplish. :)

Yes, random picture. But I came across it and wow...what part of that picture is not fun?!? I think this should be my goal for this week. How amazing would that be, to fly through mud on a dirt bike. *sighs a wishful sigh*

Someone once said recently that you turn your dreams into reality by making goals...haha...I like that. But in order to accomplish all my dreams I'm gonna' need a substantial amount of money...and that requires discipline...and that is what this whole goal thing is about right? So maybe I should stick to that...and someday, someday...*basks in happy thoughts of someday*

Now your probably getting really annoyed because I have just drug this post on for quite a while longer than it fact no one is probably reading this...they've probably given up. So since I've already lost my audience why not rattle on even longer...but I won't.

My Goals for this week;

  • Workout 3 times (haha, and I've already done it once)
  • Write a Thank You note everyday
  • Memorize a verse a day from the Psalm our family is doing together
  • Come up with a name for my new website (yes, I'm super excited about this...)
There ya have it. I got it done. And I'm not sure what mood I'm in this morning that prompted such a long and verbose post. But if you have read the whole thing, pat yourself on the back. You deserve a prize. But since I'm saving all my money for my cool dreams...I can't afford to supply prizes for my blog readers. Sorry. 

Have a wonderful, happy day!

Oh, and here's a verse that should change your perspective on life. 

"How great is the love 
the Father has lavished upon us, 
that we should be called children of God." 
1 John 3:1


Anonymous said...

What are some of your dreams?

Talitha said...

No prizes? Awww. ;)

Great goals. I love your goal to write a thank you note every day. That is really good. I personally need to work on gratefulness.

You're creating a website!? Exciting. What will it be about?