Monday, February 6, 2012


Yesterday was a happy day.
I filled up another journal.

This one dates from May 16th 2011-February 5th 2012.

Do you journal? Some? Not at all?
I would encourage you with all my heart to;
 start--if you've never done it
do it more often--if you forget
keep going--if it's a part of your life.

Lots of years ago my pastor spoke about the importance of journalling. My Dad also had given each of us kids a journal and encouraged us to write down a verse that we read that morning, or something that God had taught us. It started out simple. Like really simple. I was just browsing through some of them from over 6 years ago...they make me smile. Here, I'll give you an example;

October 15th, 2004
Isaiah 28:29 "All this also comes from the LORD Almighty, wonderful counselor and magnificent in wisdom."
Prayer: that God would give me wisdom and understanding. That I would become what God wants me to be and do. That I would get one hundred percent on my math.
{note: I corrected some spellings and grammar, but otherwise this is it.}

What about God and living for Him isn't worth writing about? I mean seriously, there is not a lot better then reading back through books of God's faithfulness. Not in someone else's life. But in My life.

No, it's not all roses, answered prayers, and triumphant stories of how I succeeded in my happy life.
There is hurt. Lots of it. There is pain, struggle, heartache and sometimes misery. There are the boat-loads of times that I let God down, I disobeyed, strayed from the path. There are the heart-wrenching times when I didn't understand and bared my heart before the Lord.

But through those journeys God showed Himself. And I'm so, so glad that I didn't limit my writing to just the happy times. Because the happy times are all the more joyful when you see the path that got you there. 

So with all that said...
(I hope I haven't been too verbose)
go write.
you won't regret it.
at least I haven't

{note: yes, this post is longer then I originally planned. so if you want the take-home message in a nutshell it's this--write what God is doing in your life. He is wonderful. His workings are worth recording.}


His Way Services said...

I'm getting ready to finish a journal I've had for 3 years. It's been wonderful to record in it insights, lessons, Scripture,hopes, prayers, burdens, and desires. I can't wait to start my new one I got for Christmas!

God bless! Rebecca K.

David said...

God Bless & Be with you.

iowacowgirl said...

AMEN to this post!!! I've REALLY been encouraged to journal more faithfully myself recently! One day I was pretty down and I got out my journal and started reading through was AMAZING to see my spirits miraculously lifting as I saw God's hand in every chapter of my life! It is true that there are pages filled with heartache...but not hopelessness for it is incredible to watch our matchless Savoir lift us and put a new song in our mouth! Keep journaling girlfriend! ;)

Love Ya!
Bekah Boo