Friday, February 10, 2012

Looking Back in Pictures [part 1]

These are just some of my favorite pictures taken in 2011. Not really in any order...


who wouldn't want to start a year this way? 
I'm just waiting to go this season...soon.

this li'l guy was born in 2010, but it was almost 2011...
and he's too cute not to post

and yeah, in case you haven't heard...
this pretty blond found herself a Boy.
a pretty cool Boy.
Oh yeah! Oooper happy for both of them!

::First trip to VA::

LOVE spending time with this guy!

 FLORIDA--oh yeah!
what about this picture isn't appealing?!?
seriously, my time in FL was about the best.ever.

{and this ^ is the definition of y.u.m.}

Pretty Bride
oh, and this ^stunning lady...
I am currently missing her. a lot.

My first set of bridesmaid dresses...made from scratch.
and these stellars are gone too...
missing people is just starting to be a norm in life


Last year was amazing. This year--just you wait!

Back to VA *happy* for 2 months

Virginia was such a huge highlight. 
I got to have gobs of time with Bethany...
had friends come visit.
learned heaps of new things.
worked an 8-5 job everyday.

yes people, Nebraska is pretty much the bomb.
no it doesn't have oceans, mountains or anything super spectacular
but it is H.O.M.E. and that's enough for me.
{especially when you have awesome friends that live in super cool places}

I pretty much adore these people.

And this is one of those shots that I just like.
 No reason except that it tickles my fancy.

This girl...words just don't do justice.
{hugs. laughs. smiles.}

Next week I'm headed out to Virginia to spend some time with Bethany...and catch up with all my friends out there {i.e. play volleyball}

More on post [part 2]


Anonymous said...

Hi, there, I love reading your posts! Somehow found it through someone else's one day way know how it goes. Just wanted to let you know (and I've been seeing it in different spellings all over...) that saying "ooper" happy really isn't correct. Sorry, but I had to tell you. This word has gotten so comes from "ueber" happy. Ueber means over, above or overly happy in this case. I speak German and so that's why this is important to me. English speaking people use it all the time now just like they do the word "angst", which is a German word...but it's now included in the English vocabulary. So, the word "ueber" is pronounced oober by most people. It's not correct by German pronunciation but in English it will do! The tongue has to work just right to get it right! :) In fact, you can find it in the English dictionaries as "uber".

Anna B. said...

I'm sorry! I didn't really realize that it was an actual word. I sometimes make up new words...and this came when I was going to say "super" and then added a couple ooo's to add emphasis. I might have heard uber before and then unconsciously created a spin off of it. I'm really sorry if this has offended you, or rubbed you wrong.

Thanks for commenting. And thanks for reading my blog.

Anonymous said...

You really took the anonymous's comment very sweetly. I do have to say I too make up very many words and they just stick with me and I use them. Sometimes people look at you like "are you all there" :-) and then you have to describe where that came from!! I wanted to comment just how Christ-like you took that comment and responded and it was such a blessing to me. May Jesus forever bless you!!

Vio said...

a lovely fun post. thanks for sharing! :) i love photos and memories.

iowacowgirl said...

FUN PICTURES! Love seeing your 2011 at a glimpse! ;) You surely did have a fun and full year! SO GLAD to be a part of your life!:-D