Monday, February 13, 2012

Looking Back in Pictures [part 2]

Summer. Isn't it wonderful?

Every year I must go to at least one College World Series game.
funnel cakes. that super good, 
completely unhealthy bit of suger/flour/oil 

 There are some friends in life that you seriously couldn't live without.

100˚ (literally). And I loved
yeah, aren't these boys beastly?
the picture just doesn't do them justice.
part of me wanted to get attacked in a dark alley with one of them
just so I could watch them fight off the bad guy.
crazy, I know!

Spontaneous trip to MN to visit grandparents

and to get our every-five-years of fishing in. 
Grandpa is amazing like that.

 Our trip to MN also included the Bluegrass festival.
Esther and I got to help out with the kids Storybook hour
along with these awesome people

my little Nina doesn't look super please;)

 Kristina came to visit!

and these are pictures from our party.
outdoor garden party--to be exact.
loved it.

Zoo trip with siblings

 Amigos(one of the best places to eat). Friends. Ice Cream.

 My brother dominated the Seward race
(that's just my un-biased opinion)

LOVE this picture

Alatheia and I have been friends for over 13 years.
I can't even remember life without that girl.
she is currently living out her super-cool dreams...
but that means that I miss her like craziness.


God is so good.
I'm looking forward to what He is going to do in this year, 2012.



iowacowgirl said...

Awesome pictures Anna! Thanks for doing SO MANY great posts lately! They've been a blast to look through! Love and miss you!

Bekah Boo

Savories of Life said...

wow!come see my giveaway!!

"Al" said...

I just saw this post <3 And I miss you like crazy, girl.....