Monday, April 2, 2012

3 Details...

I love to go to Virginia. {Like a lot.}
I got wind that my sis{-in-law} was going to be husband-less for almost 2 weeks.
I planned a trip to rescue her.

Thank goodness that the above mentioned sister is flexible, because my plans kept changing. But thanks to stand-by tickets, delayed babies {just don't ask} and a sheer 'want to go', I ended up on a plane headed east.

We had oodles of fun projects/recipes/ideas to fill up my time. 
One of those ideas was road tripping a couple hours to visit a dear friend!

Alicia used to live in NE, but fell in love with a Virginia Boy...and the rest of the story is all too familiar. *smile*
Her cozy home, hot chai tea, joyful spirit, heart-felt questions and adorable daughter made the time pass all to quickly. Chats with her are very few and far between and so we tried to make the most of it.

{adorable. this li'l Joanna loved looking and feeling all the beads...} 

And hello? Who wouldn't want to start a project with these fabrics?
A trip isn't complete without a little we did a little bit with Alicia.
You know you like something when every time you walk past it you exclaim over it's cuteness/wonderfulness/brightness/happiness. {and that is exactly what we did...lots}

Bethany, have I ever mentioned that I absolutely love having you as my sister?!? *heart*

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Bethany said...

stopping by your blog....and remembering all the fun times we had together! Thank YOU For coming out to visit!! <3 It's time for you to visit again, though -- I have a host of new recipes I want to try with you. ;)