Wednesday, March 28, 2012


How does one use words and this small space to sum up such an experience?
If we could get together for a chat I'd rattle your ear off with stories and memories.
But instead of writing a small book I'll just stick with the highlights/memories/experiences.

- this boy makes me laugh

- God's creation is spectacular

- if you ever have the opportunity to camp in the mountains--DO IT

- Sleeping out under the CO stars framed by the tall trees and mountains = fantastic memory 
{note: the weather could not have been better. 
It was absolutely perfect.}

-Breakfast was the only 'real' meal we ate all day
{note: the altitude didn't do much for the appetite, but we did stuff down quite a few bars and nuts...etc.}

-This kid was tough to keep up with.
{note: Phillip surprised me constantly with his drive}

{note: he has been on lots of excursions of this nature, and he showed us how it goes!}

- this trip was slightly harder than I anticipated

- post-holing was a challenge
{note: post-holing is pictured above. Your foot sinks into the snow. You scramble out. Your next foot sinks into the snow...etc. Oh yeah, and the snow was over waist deep in some places.}

- nothing really prepares you for the altitude change

-nothing really prepares you for the sheer wonderfulness of hiking either

- pomegranate infused crasins are to die for
{note: if you have not tried them before. Do it. Like right now.}

-Long-horned sheep/Ram/whatever-this-thing-is-called are amazing

- I may or may not have wished that I was a Ram

- I was constantly in awe of my God

- hiking for 16 hours is fun, but a tad exhausting

{note: This rocky part was our last stretch towards the summit}

- I may or may not have felt like giving up 

- climbing is mental. at least some of it is.

- the summit is rockin' awesome

- being on top of the world {or at least feeling like you are} can make you want to scream, cry and dance...all at the same time.

- I will never forget this ^ moment

-Mt. Alice stood 13,310 ft.

"Making it to the top is optional. Making it back down is mandatory"

- hiking over 20 miles in one day really makes ya "dig down deep" :P

- oh how I wished I could be a long-horned sheep for the descent 
{note: and of course I thought the same for the ascent}

- making it back to the car was bittersweet

- the question was brought up several times "why do we live in NE?"

- to accompany my bros on this

"You answer us with awesome deeds 
of righteousness O God our Savior,
 the hope of all the ends of the earth 
and of the farthest seas, 
who formed the mountains by your power
having armed yourself with strength..."
Psalm 65:6


Bloombunchboys said...

Looks like lots of FUN!
Hope you had a great time.


Bloombunchboys said...

That looks like a lot of fun,I'm sort of jealous of y'all.
Some day I hope to go backpacking to.
Well I hope to see ya soon.

Julianne said...

Incredible! (both that you did this and how beautiful God's creation is!!)

Liz Brown said...

I know those feelings. Some of the toughest/most awesome ever.

Glad you had such a good experience in my 'other' home state :) I think my sister really enjoyed seeing you!