Monday, March 19, 2012


Nebraska is hardly the place to train for a trek in Colorado's mountains. But when it's all you've got, it's good.

 My brothers and I are headed west this weekend for a short trip up Mt. Alice, located in Colorado. We've been working out, going on test hikes and gathering gear for our adventure. I'm so excited.

I have only been to Colorado once before and LOVED it. I plan on taking oodles of picture of God's marvelous stay tuned.


Bloombunchboys said...

I'll be tuned in.
And it looks like lodes of fun.
I look forward to hearing about your adventure!

Laura said...

Hey Anna!

I am in Colorado right now until June, don't know if it would work but it would be fun to get together! My email is :)

You will have an absolute blast-- Tim and I climbed Mt. Elbert in August and it was one of the most hard and fun things that I ever did. I LOVE Colorado and look forward to hearing what you think of Mt. Alice. I'm planning a trip up Longs Peak this summer. Blessings!

ANNA said...

Hi Anna I started following your blog recently, but I would love to meet you face to face. I live in Lakewood near Denver you can email me if you will be in that area so we could meet.
Have FUN