Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Just had to give you a quick update. 
I have lots of fun pictures to share with you and happy stories and times..etc
{I mean what can you expect with a whole week with Bethany?}

But that will all have to wait...
but to hold you tight here's some pictures of my new li'l Hudson darling!

{note: yes, it's horribly yellow and not a very good picture, 
but look past that and see the adorable li'l man that I'm related to!}

he's such a boy, much to his Uncle's pleasure

Aren't babies just a miracle? Yes.

I love these girls to the moon and back...

{note: this was our attempt at a self portrait}

"A cheerful heart is good medicine..."
Prov. 17:22a


Kristina said...

Awwww! This is so fun! They are all so cute! And, I might add, you did a good attempt at your self portrait! :)

Lily Marie said...

Aw, your nieces and nephews are so adorable! It'd be fun to have a lot! The self portrait is very cute. ;)