Thursday, March 8, 2012

Missing you

Have you ever found yourself missing someone? Wondering what they were thinking, feeling, doing? Or maybe something happens, not super big or wondrous, but it needs to be shared. Modern technology is amazing, what with Skype, texting, phone calls, emails and yes even Facebook, keeping in touch with people isn't that hard. But nothing beats the in-person contact; having someone by your side. Watching their face change with yours as you tell a story, display a project, or share your heart.

Right now missing people has become the norm. Wether they're out of state, out of the country or just simply super super busy, it's still sad. I just got back from a delightful trip to Virginia. It was wonderful. I got to see all the special people that I met when I lived out there for 2 months. But then came the awful moment when I had to say goodbye all over again. I didn't like it. Not one bit.

Of course there were jokes about how we were going to squish VA and NE close together so there wouldn't be so many miles between us. But we all knew the truth. Virginia would always be far away from Nebraska. It's just a part of life. And I realized that missing is also is a part of life.

I spent almost 2 weeks with my sister-in-law. What happiness. I got to feel my li'l niece kick inside of her mommy, we talked about what life would be like once she was born. But it was just 2 weeks. Soon I was to go back home and miss out on all the little things that make up her day, and that goes both ways. The distance felt so huge. 

I started to think...
why make friends that are going to up and leave?
why invest time in a relationship when you know it's going to change?
why try to meet new people when you might never see them again?
and I thought...
it sure would save a lot of sadness and the ache that comes with missing someone.

But honestly, what a terrible perspective! If I was to shut myself out from the world and just live for myself, how lame would that be? To open ones heart to love is also to open it up to pain. People are important. Relationships are important. Investing in the lives of others, no matter how long or short, is a worthwhile endeavor. Shutting my heart may erase a little pain, but also it eliminates all the joy and gladness that comes with a friendship.

So I sat at the bus window, all these thoughts running through my mind, and watched my sister drive away. I knew that it would be several months would lapse before I would see her again. My niece would be almost two months old. But never, never would I exchange the sheer wonderfulness of our relationship just so I wouldn't have to miss her. Ha. Friendship is so sweet.

The joys of life are doubled when shared with a friend.
{even if it has to be via modern technology}

And all the friends I'm missing right now {yes, you know who you are} I'm just so grateful that I have such fabulous people to miss.

{note: that purty girl in the pictures..she's one of my fabulous VA friends...}


Erin said...

I know how it feels, Anna! I have friends and family living far away as well. Thanks for the great post, it was such an encouragement :)

Bloombunchboys said...

Ya Anna , we miss you too!:-(
hopefully we'll get together some time soon.