Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Arlington Cemetary

 A place of valor. A place of honor. A place of rememberance.

 Words can't describe what went on in my heart as I stepped through the entrance to these sacred hills, where thousands of hero's rest. And this wouldn't be the last time I experienced emotion like this. Some of the very reasons we planned this trip were to visit Arlington, Gettysburg and other historical grounds. It was sobering, but very good.

We also just "happened" to be in the cemetary on it's 150th birthday. To honor that special day they had 100 buglers stationed admidst the grounds, and when the clock struck twelve the hills sang with the mornful call of Taps. It was a reflective moment.



With no time commitments, places to be or schedules to follow it was quite refreshing to wander throughout the grounds and enjoy each others company. This was our first stop in DC and we spent the majority of our morning here. And let me tell ya folks, nothing can replace time/talks spent with family.

{Joe was not able to make this trip east...and his presence was sorely missed. And in lieu of the busy schedule that we planned for the weekend Bethany [and of course Arianna] opted to sit out on DC so she could enjoy other sites not so frequently visited.}


To those who gave...thank you!


Laura said...
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Laura said...

Very cool, Anna!! I have always wanted to visit Arlington. And yes, I agree that having your family even mostly all together is a huge blessing!! God bless!