Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bloom Bunch

Hamburgers. Fresh lettuce from the garden. A beautiful summer evening. Volleyball.

What else could you want/need?

I've been trying to get these people {The Bloom's} to move to NE. It would be so much easier to stay connected and in touch if they weren't half the nation away.

Gotta love the facial expressions in volleyball.


Sometimes when you meet a person there is an instant connection and you just know that you'll become good friends...right away. That's what happened with Kristina and I. We worked one day together and found that we had so much in common. I was anxious to have her meet my sister and hoped that they would get along well!

When I was living out in VA I spent some time with her family. Her little brothers made me laugh and reminded me so much of my own. And I'm not sure if they helped or made missing my family worse. :)

But we had a fabulous evening of fellowship...and would love to return the favor here in NE *hint, hint*

Thank you so much, Blooms, for the wonderful evening!


Bloombunchboys said...

We loved having you, and I wish we could come see y'all too.

Marjo.....B. said...

Hello Anna....
first, don't be shocked at the time at which I find myself writing this. We have been up late on account of a birthday. ;)

Next: I discovered to my grief that I can no longer read the GRADY FAMILY ARCHIVES. :( Can you please tell the Gradys that I would love to have permission to read their blog? I am just a friendly girl living in Missouri who has really enjoyed getting to ''know'' people like them and you and the Wissmanns through your blogs! Thanks. ummm....I guess I'll have to give you my email. It's marjobelley (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Bloombunchboys said...

Thanks for coming over, we had a blast! That last picture is right before your brothers jumped from the shed to the Fort. Then they told me I should do it too (we had never done it before). So I did it. And it wasn't bad at all. If any thing it was fun. When I got Phillip a glass of ice tea he asked me "Did you put any salt or pepper in it?" I really enjoyed having you guys over.


P.S. We would love for you to return the favor too!