Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

Texting. Hmm. Interesting technology. It has it's ups and downs. But here's a definate up...
sending random messages to unsuspecting friends:)
{granted most my friends are probably not "unsuspecting" anymore ;)}

So right now I thought I'd let ya'll in on some good 'ole Sunday afternoon randomness.  

There are two things that I want to learn how to do;
a handspring.
raise one eyebrow.

Why does getting covered in mud sometimes seem just the perfect thing to do?

New favorite quote of the month;
"Wow! That guy in those skinny jeans looks super manly." says no one ever

If only there was something that could squish and widden the hips at any given moment...depending on the skirt that I wish to fit into...just sayin'

I think faster than my phone. It's another reason why my want for an iPhone has now become a need.

Sometimes I wish I was a fish. Sometimes I wish I was a bird. But in the end I'm so glad I'm human!

Have a lovely rest of your Sunday!

Oh, the picture up there? With my brother.  It's just one that makes me smile. For no given reason. 


Kaylee said...

Wow, Anna! Your ARE random! But don't worry dear, I myself have been nominated as the queen of randomintiy from several friends and family. The funny thing though is sometimes what I say is really not very random because I've linked everything already in my brain, but alas... I sometimes forget to tell people the links, so therefore they think that what I said was completely random! ;)
By the way...
The name is Kaylee!
I saw you at the NICHE conference and was afraid of introducing myself... (funny thing though, considering the fact that I am NOT shy.)
I've also been writing Hannah W.
And the week of NICHE you stayed at a family's house that we know and love! (this is random... doesn't the world seem to grow smaller and smaller?)
I talk a lot! (if you can't tell. :p)
Hey! I have a blog!
You can also follow it... (if you'd like ;)

Anna B. said...

Ah, Kaylee! You totally should have introduced yourself! Next time you see it! :) Thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

Who is the guy? :)

Laura said...

Whoa... that "guys in skinny jeans" comment SLAYS me. I am dying laughing. :D Preach it, sistah!!

Bloombunchboys said...

TOTALLY like the part about the skinny jeans! That is very true. By the way I also am a person that is very random and has all the links in my brain and forget to bring them out. And I am saving and hoping to come out to NCHEA next year. But right now it is but a dream. Pleas pray.
Jeremiah B.

Josiah and Abi Wissmann said...

I'm not sure raising one eyebrow can be learned?!? Seems you're either born with the ability or you're not! :P But, if anyone could learn it'd be you!! ;) Lol