Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chop till you drop!

In preparation for Joe's open house we had a lot of things cleaned that hadn't for a long time! On Monday we tackled the outside, all the gardens were weeded and mulched, everything was mowed, and the "parking lot" was cleaned out. Thursday was house cleaning and Wednesday and Friday was the day to chop and make all the food! Mrs. Grady, Abby, Betsy, Suzannah, Rachel and Alatheia came over, and helped us make all the food and all the little treats.


~Rachel browning the meat

Betsy and Mrs. Grady cutting up the mushrooms and peppers

Mom and Stephen tackling the job of 5 watermelons!

Alatheia was getting a little bored of just mixing, and stirring: )Thank you all for your help! We couldn't have done without you!
Things Completed!
Food Made
180 Won Tons
14 dozen mushroom turnovers
7 pounds of chicken made into chicken salad
49lbs beef made into barbecued beef
1 batch of choc. chip cookies
Fruit Chopped
5 watermelons
9 cantaloupes
3 honeydew melons
4 pineapples
10 things of strawberry's
It was a successful day!


Lesley said...

Wow Anna!!! What a day! But it's always such fun when you have help! (and it looks like you had some great help:)) Congratulations to Joe!

ladygreen said...

Gee could have posted a picture of me that actually made it look like I was HELPING!!! LOL
Or you could have kindly mentioned that it was you and Betsy that started the whole mold-the-B-B-Q-beef-into-stange-things...
: )

Just so you know...everyone that reads these comments...I WAS working! Really I was! I did about a third of the cantilope and the cookies. So see? I was a bit helpful : )

Cute pictures Anna.

Anonymous said...

WOW!You guys sure got a lot done:)

The Ulmer Family said...

Sounds like you had a very busy, productive day!! When my sister Rebecca got married, we spent an entire day making 1,300 cream-cheese mints for her reception, only to have 600 of them used...we were so sick of those mints!
We wish we could be there for his party, but we have company coming, so we won't be able to come! :( Tell Joe congratulations for us!

See you sometime, Anna!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anna! You need to go read the post I did about the graduation!