Thursday, May 22, 2008

Welcome Back!

Josh and Dan left for Colorado right after Sunday school for some brother bonding time: ) Josh tried his hand at planning a vacation, start to finish, and from what I heard did a fantastic job! Since Dan sprained his ankle the Wed. before they left we weren't sure quite sure how it was going to hold up. Evidently it was as right as rain! God definitely blessed them with wonderful weather!

They climbed 14,000 feet to the top of Mt. Beirsatdt, way to go!
Wow look at that many shoes did you pack? *smile*
The gorgeous view!

Climbing through the clouds: )
Our God how great Thou Art!

Taking a quick nap are we?

The top! This is what he was born for!
They arrived back home at about 9:30 Tuesday evening. We hardly recognized them with their fierce sun burn! The picture really doesn't do it justice! Dan got it a little worse then Josh did (poor baby) his lips are all blistering up..and you can really tell that they wore sunglasses....hopefully they will both be much better by Sat.!!

Welcome back! We missed you!


ladygreen said...

ouch...that last picture looks quite painful! Poor guys.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! I was in Texas so I have a painful sunburn too...and now I'm off to Colorado as well. I'm sure glad that I packed sunscreen!

Grace W. said...

are you sure you guys didn't just make all this up and actually sleep overnight in the microwave...? lol