Thursday, May 22, 2008

Josh's Surprise Party

Josh is probably the hardest person to surprise, he always likes to stick his little nose into everything. For example if you put some, say some candy in a special place that you think no one knows about...a couple days later you'll find Josh eating front of you with a quirky lil' grin smacked on his sneaky lil' face. If you whisper something to somebody, Josh just "happens" to be around the corner to hear it, so when Alaina told us she wanted to do a "surprise" birthday party for Josh's 21st birthday it was hard not to laugh! But she did a great job! Concealing everything from that little sneak was a challenge but I think we "mostly" surprised him! Or at least he faked it pretty well (which he is pretty good at doing that too).
He got off work for his birthday so he and Alaina were going on errands while we set up everything. Mom made sloppy joes, Mrs. Moore made pasta salad and Alaina provided the cake! The cake itself was a work of art!

Betsy, Abby and Rachel came early and helped set up!The Birthday boy with his cake.

The activities for the evening was mostly basketball, once some of the guys were tired of basketball they played ultimate Frisbee with us girls....maybe not the most "advanced" game they ever played but it was still fun!

Dan sprained his ankle during basketball, so when he retired to sit by the bonfire mom offered to bring out marshmallows. But on further discovery we realized that we had no normal size marshmallows, only the tiny ones. The boys wanted marshmallows so much that the tiny little ones didn't even stop them. The toothpicks were brought out and a shovel of coals scooped out of the fire to roast them over. They were either desperate or very tired!

Wonderful party Alaina, it was a big success!


ladygreen said...

I like the mini marshmallows.

Grace W. said...

yes Alaina! that was a GRAND party! : ) it was a lot of fun...