Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fun with Stangls!

Stangl's invited us out to their place tuesday on the condition that we bring our volley ball net. It was so nice to see Ellie and Zach again! They also had Kim and Andy Mesick, some friends from blair.This volley ball game was such a hoot! It was probably the strangest game I have ever played: )
Pictures courtesy of Julia Stangl
After it got enough so we actully had an excuse to miss the ball..we came inside and Ellie showed us pictures of their trip. They were very exciting!
Dan and Zach enjoyed a quick game of ping-pong before we all moved upstairs to play a rousing game of Scatagories.

Volleyball, pictures, ping-pong, scatagories, cinnamon rolls, cantelope and lots of talking who could ask for more? Thank you so much Stangl's for a very fun evening!
It's nice to have you back Ellie!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Ellie I'm so glad yor back! We missed you so much!

Anonymous said...

What a fun way to spend your evening! That's such a sweet picture of you and Ellie!!
~Elizabeth U.

Erica said...

Hello Anna!

Thank you so much for the recent comment you left on my blog! It's such a joy to get comments from new people...I unfortunately (one of the more unfortunate things about Wordpress) don't have a sitemeter, and though I know how many hits I get a day, that doesn't tell a whole lot. So comments are extra-special!

I saw you were from Omaha! Yay for Nebraska, huh?! :) Makes me wonder...from where did you find my blog?

I hadn't ever seen your blog, but I just enjoyed looking through some recent posts. I'll be sure to keep visiting!

Your Sister in Christ,

Erica said...

Hey Anna, I tagged you! Check my blog for the details.

I was just over reading Liz Brown's blog, and there was a picture of you!! This is crazy...we have two mutual friends. They're only internet friends for me, but nontheless!

What fun!