Monday, April 28, 2008

Seersucker, Stamp pads and Scrapbooking *smile*

About oh 2-3 weeks ago we got an e-mail from the "homeschool e-tree" from a lady that had a bunch of Stampin' Up stamp pads that she was trying to sell! I didn't read it till a couple days after it was sent and so I was afraid that someone else (someone like Anna N.) would have come along and bought it. So I quickly e-mailed back and all 24 of them were still for $1 a pad, or if I wanted them all she would give it to me for $15. (Which for those of you who don't know is a REALLY good deal!) I was needless to say, thrilled!!If you want to see them you will have to come to my house, I took them to church...and, well lets just say I barely got them back home again.
All my beautiful colors!
(I tried to get right side up but it just wouldn't go: )
Out of all the material I think seersucker is one of my top favorites!!! On a scale of 1-10 I would rate it a #10!! (10 being the best of course!) It's so easy to work with and is just about the cutest thing in the world! If you can't tell I really like it! I just finished a darling little dress out of some pink/red seersucker but I gave it away before I got a picture. *sigh*
A mother of some kids that Esther and I babysit is having me make 2 dresses for her little girl out of seersucker so....if you have a darling little girl that is in need of a darling little dress, just give me your order, and consider it done! Seriously I would love to!
Grandma and Aunt Paula turned 85 last Nov. so in honor of their birthday we threw a great big party in Fremont! Grace W. was so kind as to take....well if you know Grace you know how many pictures she probably took: ) Since Aunt Paula is having a hard time dealing with grandma's Alzheimer's we decided to make her a small scrapbook! So far it is really cute! I really like to make cute things(if you haven't noticed) : )

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Lesley said...

Well, I don't have any darling little girls for you to make darling little seersucker dresses for, but you're more than welcome to make one for me!;) It just so happens to be one of my all time favorite fabrics too. I love the fabric in the bright and cheery...just like you!:)