Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

After church we set off for Alicia Popelka's graduation open house. It was SO cold! They had delicious burgers though and it was good fellowship.I had forgotten my coat at church so my sweet brother offered me his!
It was even the nice leather jacket that Alaina got him for Christmas, what a sacrifice!
Thank you Josh I really appreciated it!
The little guys had such fun playing around at the park where the open house was held!
That smirk on Phillip's face is because he was trying to escape and though that he had succeeded: )

After the graduation we left to go and watch the UNO orchestra. Alatheia L. and Ben S. where both playing in it! It was quite a treat!

This was the conductor's last year so they had a special gift for him. Evidently he was quite the guy! The last song they played was one that he wrote called "Sunflowers", it was absolutely gorgeous!!
Betsy, Hannah and Rachel had rode over with Caleb & Abby. So when they invited me to come back to their house and have Ice Cream, how could I resist!
Tootsie welcomed us as we pulled up the driveway...if you think she looks sweet...don't be deceived...those sweet ones can turn on you at any moment! I have learned the hard way!
When the Ice Cream had been thoroughly enjoyed and put away, we just simply talked..and talked and then talked some more! Caleb had begun a game of risk with Leah and B so we moved upstairs to talk with them and practice our "old English" we had quite the time! Evidently we got a little rowdy so Mrs. Grady sent us to do the dishes, which we accomplished in 9 min. flat!
Altogether it was a lovely day!

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