Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring Cleaning...

When the bell rang and we all clattered happily down the stairs to eat lunch, the smiles quickly faded, not necessarily to frowns...but the sight of mom writing long lists on the white board usually means a lot of work is ahead, and we were not mistaken!!
This list may not look daunting but...each number goes to a cupboard or drawer that needs to be emptied, cleaned, scrubbed and the contents cleaned and then restored. We love all our cupboard space, but when spring cleaning come around it is a little how shall I put it...less lovable: )
Esther rounded up all our spray bottles, we have quite a few!
After filling them all up she labeled them all to their own specific place.

::Esther diligently cleaning the freezer::Mommy's helper: )
Mom made everybody help (we all tried to tell her that we had a lot of school to get done today, but Dan was the only one that came out ahead of that one. *smile*)

Even the pull-outs were pulled completely out and scrubbed within and inch of their lives: )
After we got all the cupboards cleaned, we headed out to the pasture for a quick game of croquet for our break time!Stephen was such a good lil' scrubber: )::John sorting the "junk" drawer::All the lovely clean chairs!What a rewarding sight!


ladygreen said...

Wow!!!!! That's a lot of work! Good job you guys...I bet you're doing a great job!

Lesley said...

Wow Anna! You all sure got a lot done! Call me odd, but I actually like spring cleaning...and with a big family it goes faster!;) Mom and I tackled strawberry jam this morning....still have 3 flats left to go. When we're done I'm sure the kitchen will need a through clean job!

Sempre_Dolce said...

Ahh, Spring cleaning! A favorite day for me, believe it or not. Maybe that's 'cause I get to make out those long chore lists. ;)
It's so rewarding to have everything all clean and organized, I'm sure! Hope you had fun. :)

Amanda Wittmann said...

Me next! Me next! If I had a troop of 7 helpers that could help...AHHH...the possibilities!