Friday, April 11, 2008

Graduation Invitations

Today mom decided to tackle the job of making Joe's graduation invitations. So she grabbed every one that was at home and set them up in a very efficient assembly line.
-Mom printed them out, cut the paper and oversaw the whole process-
-Stephen was our official ribbon cutter-

Phillip marked the holes and I punched them out, he got slightly bored because instead of neat little marks (like at the beginning) they suddenly became, smiles, letters, circles...anything but small keep it interesting: )
After John threaded the ribbon, Esther would "perfect it" making sure the ribbon was the appropriate length, and nothing was if you get a defected invitation you know whose fault it really was. *smile* (She did a great job!)

When we were finished Phillip remarked, "if I have to help with my own invitations, I am just going to send out an e-mail inviting people."

You will have to wait till you get one in the mail to see the finished product!


Anonymous said...

That's a lot of work! We were going to to send out invitations for mine but then I decided not to have one after all. Oh, well. Looks like fun!

Esther beasley said...

It was fun!!!

ladygreen said...

Hey...I love them so far, but whatever happened to the red?

Anna B. said...

They are red...the black and white picture turned the vellum white instead of red.

Rachel said...

Oh, I just enjoy your blog so much I had to pop in and leave you a comment!! :) Your sweet pictures and rendition of family happenings is such a treat to read! Thanks for keeping in touch this way!!

God's blessings to you!

Lesley said...

Looks like fun Anna! What fun memories families get to make together!:)
I get to help a friend finalize her wedding invitations tomorrow(I'm finding there's a lot to do when you're the wedding cordinator!) and have a feeling I'll get to be part of an assembly line soon!!!:)