Tuesday, April 8, 2008


NCHEA was so much fun this year! I got to be in the drama this year , and it was such a blast. Sorry I don't have any pictures to prove it. *smile*I had a wonderful team! Micah W. was not on my team, he was just playing some games with the kids. Nick Schriner, Amy Kruciak and Pamela Lu Vaas were the three people on my team.

I took a bunch of really great pictures....but then realized that most of them weren't on my camera: ) Whoops: )
I can't really believe that it is all over!
But as they say;
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."


ladygreen said...

No kidding! I don't guite know what to do with my life...for the last three months it's been wraped arround NCHEA!

Bethany said...

LOL!!! I have pictures to prove you were in the drama. Quite a few of them, actually. :)

Sempre_Dolce said...

I have pictures too Anna.. :) Just head over to my blog when you have the time. Love you!

Lesley said...

Fun pictures Anna! I have to say, I'm a little jealous...if I see right by your pictures, you had the Greffs and the Noels in your group of kids? They are some of my best little friends!!!! I'm sure you all had a great time! And you made quite the convincing little villaness! The kids in my group throughly loved your hat.;)
Love ya!

Joel said...

Neat pictures! :) by the way (to the above poster) the Noels are my cousins and the Greffs their cousins... so I can definitely agree with you, great kids!

The Ulmer Family said...

You did a fantastic job in the drama, Anna!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's a great quote to unbury!

bekah rehm said...

Oh.... Anna I havn't been on in forever, and just saw this post, and I have to say Thank-you times one million for reminding me of this oh.... SO important quote!*smile* It made me smile, and though I've been tempted so many times to cry because it's over I've had to remember to smile because it happened. Seeing that quote at the end of your lovely post just made my day! I'm missing ya tons, but just seeing that quote seemed to bring you oh so much closer! Thanx sweet friend! Your're such a blessing, and I'll work on that smiling because it happened! *smile*!!!

Love Ya Tons!

Anonymous said...

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